In this section an overview of the Conferences organized up to now by our Society is shown, as it has been published in the websites of former ICGG editions, only adding the last Conference to the list.

The ICECGDG Conference Series

The first Conference was held in Vancouver, Canada (1978), and hosted by the Engineering Design Graphics Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. The conference was called “International Conference on Descriptive Geometry.” Since then the conferences have been held almost every two years. The late Steve M. Slaby, Emeritus Professor of Princeton University, founded the international conference.

The 2nd International Conference on Engineering Computer Graphics and Descriptive Geometry (ICECGDG) was held in Beijing, China (1984).

The 3rd ICECGDG was held in Vienna, Austria (1988). Prof. Kenjiro Suzuki proposed the establishment of a permanent commission that could offer a platform to exchange information. The proposal was approved by all the participants, and a preparatory committee was launched. The members of the committee were Prof. Slaby, Prof. Suzuki and Prof. Stachel.

The 4th ICECGDG was held in Miami, USA (1990). The first draft for a new international society was approved. It was named “International Society for Geometry and Graphics” and a steering committee was established. The steering committee prepared a draft of bylaws including objectives, a constitution, operations, etc.

The 5th ICECGDG was held in Melbourne, Australia (1992). In this conference, bylaws for the new international society were approved, and the International Society for Geometry and Graphics (ISGG) was formally established in order to foster international collaboration and to stimulate scientific researches and teaching methodologies in the fields of Geometry and Graphics.

The 6th ICECGDG was held in Tokyo, Japan (1994). That year, the web site of the ISGG was launched.

The 7th ICECGDG was held in Cracow, Poland (1996). The decision was made to publish the International Journal for Geometry and Graphics on a semiyearly basis. The first issue was planned for 1997 with selected papers from the 7th ICECGDG.

In 1997, the first issue of the Journal for Geometry and Graphics was published through Prof. Stachel’s efforts.

The 8th ICECGDG was held in Texas, USA (1998). In this conference, the ISGG was formally recognized as the host organization of the conference. The semantic contents and areas of specialization were discussed in the forum called “Taxonomy of Geometry and Graphics.” As outcomes of this forum, the name of the conference was changed from ICECGDG to ICGG (International Conference on Geometry and Graphics) with the sequential serial number. You can find the report of this forum in JGG Vol.2, No.2 (1988).

The ICGG Conference Series

Since 2000, the International Conference on Geometry and Graphics was organized in the following cities:

  • Johannesburg, South Africa (9th ICGG, 2000)
  • Kiev, Ukraine (10th ICGG, 2002)
  • Guangzhou, China (11th ICGG, 2004)
  • Salvador, Brazil (12th ICGG, 2006)
  • Dresden, Germany (13th ICGG, 2008)
  • Kyoto, Japan (14th ICGG, 2010)
  • Montreal, Canada (15th ICGG, 2012)
  • Innsbruck, Austria (16th ICGG, 2014)
  • Beijing, China (17th ICGG, 2016)

The 18th ICGG celebrates the 40th anniversary from the first edition in Vancouver, then come and enjoy our fortieth!