As also the Conference Logo tries to synthesize, we liked to propose a double dedication for this Conference, to Leonardo Da Vinci, after whom our Campus is named and to whom we would pay homage as a genius among the greatest showing the widest power of Geometry and Graphics in investigation and creativity between Science and Art, and to Giulio Natta, professor at the Politecnico di Milano and Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1963, together with Karl Ziegler, as a mentor of the profound function – and the beauty! – of Geometry and Graphics in Science and Technology, even at the invisible scale of the molecular world.


In the graphic synthesis of the logo, starting from a spatial version of the Leonardo’s homo ad circulum diagram, the sphere (symbolizing the macro cosmos) appears covered by the molecular pattern of the Natta’s isotactic polypropylene and inscribed inside an ideally cubic frame (symbolizing the micro cosmos), and the outline of the homo (the man) meets the two mentioned structures at the base, where the first carbon atom of the chain is located, as a metaphor of the basic brick of organic life, while due the designated viewpoint the overall outline of the logo alludes to the letter “M” of Milan.

Dedication and logo aim at remarking the wide spectrum of the scientific focus of the Conference, and the identity of the 2018 Edition

About the Conference Logo
Concept and Design: Luigi Cocchiarella
Digital Parameterization and Animation: Matteo Cavaglià
Digital Branding: Umberto Tolino and Andrea Manciaracina