We inform prospective authors that:
Extended Abstracts will be submitted via EasyChair.
Final Contributions, that is, Full Papers and Posters, will be submitted via email to icgg2018@polimi.it

Submission of the Extended Abstracts (closed)

The system used to submit Extended Abstracts is EasyChair.
In order to use the system an EasyChair account is required, therefore you can be in one of the following three situations:

you have already an EasyChair Account: just login to submit
you do not have yet an EasyChair Account: create one
you have and EasyChair Account but you forgot the password: retrieve the password

Submission of the extended abstracts

Extended Abstracts must be submitted by all the prospective authors, either they intend to submit a Full Paper as a final contribution, either they intend to submit a Poster as final contribution. Authors are invited to decide in advance which type of final contribution they want to prepare. In the Extended Abstract template authors are asked to indicate if they are planning to prepare a Full Paper or a Poster, by marking the corresponding box. Based on the reviewing process, reviewers might recommend authors to prepare Posters instead of Papers as final contributions (and vice versa, if it is the case). Author(s) can submit one or more than one Extended Abstract.

Extended Abstracts have to be uploaded as PDF format files, produced from the source files MSWord or LaTeX.

The templates for preparing the source file for the Extended Abstracts can be downloaded below.

Templates to download

for preparing Extended Abstracts

LaTeX format
ICGG2018-Extended Abstract-LaTeX.zip

Microsoft Word format
ICGG2018-Extended Abstract-MSWord.zip

Each compressed folder contains a pdf file, as a sample, produced from the source templates.

We kindly ask authors to accurately follow the formatting instructions in order that Printed Abstract Proceedings have a unitary style. Source file might also be request by the conference team, if necessary.

In order to have your Extended Abstract published in the Printed Abstract Proceedings, remember that:
deadline for the submission of the Extended Abstracts is January 29, 2018
deadline for the payment of the Conference Fee, are May 7, 2018 (Early Registration) or June 15 2018 (Registration)
Late Registration is not valid for the publication of the Extended Abstract in the Printed Abstract Proceedings.

Submission of the Final Contributions

(Full Papers and Posters)

The templates for preparing the Final Contributions, the Copyright transfer form, and the instructions, will be available soon.